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25 Jul 2017

The Importance of Using Dedicated Mountain Biking Shoes


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Posted By Josh M.

It is a good idea to invest in a good pair of mountain biking shoes if you are a mountain biker. These shoes are stiff and hence they increase the efficiency of each stroke of the pedal. It also provides better transfer of energy. When you start taking longer rides these shoes help as it gives your foot more support. The fit of the shoe should be such that you can move your toes, but the heel should not move. If the shoe doesn't have a good arch support, you can add an insert. The shoes should also have soles that have a very good grip so that even if you are going up a mountain or down your feet will remain firmly on the pedals.

The Appropriate Shoe Fasteners

When choosing biking shoes it will be a good idea to get ones that are fastened with Velcro or buckle or ratchet fasteners. They are easy to use and are water proof and will not get dirty. It will also fit around the foot snugly. There are some shoes with laces. This is not a very good idea unless you can tuck them away securely. The reason being, that if the laces come undone they can get entangled in the cycle chain which could be dangerous. The laces could get dirty and wet and will also stretch in time.

Outsoles With Good Tread Are Necessary

The stiffer the mountain biking shoes the better it will support your feet especially if you are going to ride up steep mountains. It is also important to choose shoes that have a good tread on the outsoles because it will give you a better grip and in those instances when you may have to carry your bike down or up a rocky mountain, you can walk without the fear of slipping. When the cleats are recessed into the soles it gives more traction and the chances of you slipping is less.

Wide Range Of Choice

To enjoy your hobby or your sport you need to feel comfortable when indulging in it. Whether you are doing it for leisure or as a competitive sport, the need to buy good biking shoes is very high. Only then can you protect your feet and ride for as long as you want. These shoes and other accessories are quite expensive, but remember that there is no need to buy only top brands. There is a choice of good quality products in the market so make sure you do your homework before you actually buy.

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